Very unfortunately…

Been contemplating on writing this blog. I have gone from frustrated to almost depressed I couldn’t write an update on the process of my succies,,, because it is rather a regress.

But, I don’t want to remain pessimistic on this and I feel that I owe my blog some attention, or better yet, update those who are to be updated.


Breathe in… breath out… here goes…

The summer had not been very kind to my plants. Although I do not want to blame it all to it; I am very sure I have my share of it.

First, my Jade Plant. Well, it has completely deteriorated into a mere piece of twig. Its leaves started showing signs of burn one by one, till almost completely. So, I thought I needed to put it somewhere shady, but it continued that way. I thought I needed to give it more water, even worse, one by one the leaves fell.

Here’s for your last look. (threw the bunch after it’s gotten completely brown)


Another bad news is my Bear’s Paw (nooooo wayyyy!!!)

At first, it was showing signs of wrinkling. I thought, oh it’s thirsty! So I gave it a drink.

The next day, it was starting to shrink. Is water not enough? Maybe too much sun, that is. I kept it in the shade, then.

But why are the leaves falling???? I uprooted it, checked it’s roots and saw that it was dying! The soil was still moist! Oh no, I think I overwatered it! So before I replanted it in a terracota pot (which supposedly is more breathable and draining), I let it dry and heal completely for a day.

I thought I could still save it… but sadly, see before and after:

I felt so bad and cannot recover, so my husband bought another for me! Yay!

This is how it looked like when we bought it (it’s not as cute, but nevermind, as long as it gets better than worst!). I’m leaving it there, not touching it! No repotting in a cute pot this time! Just live!


There’s more! Yes, sorry to say, but there is more…

Remember these?

Now, they are these…


I’ve had these plants for quite sometime, and they have been doing great! But this is the first summer I had with them, so, this is a new experience and a new chance to learn.

And as I said, I don’t wanna be pessimistic! At least there have been progress as well. Here are my plants that thrive and grow..

There’s still hope for me, right guys!

So please continue to pray with me, and send me your advice!

Till next time!

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein



While burn is an exclamation upon hearing a particularly witty or impressive insult, for succulent lovers, it is one of the worrisome words to hear, the most being ROT!

I have been monitoring my succulents almost everyday, in fact, one of the closely watched is my Jade Plant. (see Jade Plant -is it ok?Our family is growing!)

This morning, my heart broke to see it… BURN!!!


I feel so sorry for her! I kept caressing the sun-burnt leaves thinking it might feel better. I thought of removing them but I just felt like it’s gonna hurt her even more. I know that there is nothing much I can do because the damage is permanent. I just had to remove it from direct sunlight immediately.

It’s only been exposed to morning sun, but I think it becomes more sensitive during this time that it’s growing. I really don’t know.

My other plants also have signs of sun-burn but they are not as bad as the above:


Have you experienced this with your plants? Do they really become more sensitive when they’re producing more leaves? or is it really just hot this summer?

If you my friends have any input, please let me know in the comment section.

Our family is growing!

Topsy-turvy after recovering from underwatering

Black Prince

Jade Plant

I thought for a while, something was wrong with her, as you may have read in my post earlier, Jade Plant -is it ok? I am just so glad to find out that she is only exerting energy to produce more buds.

Hoya Kerii Variegata – Sweetheart Plant

I never knew this plant produces new buds that fast!  The picture on the left was taken just 3 days ago.


Jade Plant -is it ok?

A few days ago, I found leaves falling from my Jade Plant. It used to have bright green color with red tips, which I think is the healthy state. I lessened the watering, I hope it recovers if it’s not doing well.

Pugot-ulo – Echeveria Agavoides

A few days ago, I cut the head of my Echeveria Agavoides because I feel that its pups are being constricted of their growth and that they are not getting enough sun. 

They are also growing roots for their own as if they already want to live away from the parent. But since in reality, they are still babies, and the mother most probably can sustain herself better, she’s the one I had to take away.

I put her in a container than she can hang into for some time. If she’s thirsty, she can grow roots in there and have access to moist because I put  few soil and small pumice stones and watered it, at a level that will not touch the freshly cut part. She will have to rely on vapors.

This container used to hold dehumidifier grains which I repurposed into a re-rooting pot. It kind of mimics an aquaponic but not exactly.

This morning, when I inspected the mother, she already grew few air roots. And since this coming week is gonna be a busy week for me, and that spending more time with them eases away the thought of stress, I repotted her!

Pardon the dirt
I also put the babies under the morning sun already, because know they have been longing for that for quite sometime now.

You can journey with me while waiting for them to grow bigger and more beautiful.

See you on my next update! 💞

Where to find Succulents and Cacti?

After I was able to successfully keep the Black Prince alive for months, I decided that I was ready to take the next level of this hobby…COLLECTING.

I went on to search where to find them.

1st stop. The internet of course! I had to know whether there is a store near my area in Las Piñas. It led me to some Facebook pages. I also found about Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines, Inc. and Cactus and Succulent Forum of the Philippines. I asked to join and thanks to the Admin, they accepted.

I sent inquiries to those sellers nearby. Some of who gladly accommodated my messages are:

MK Blossoms


  • they are located in Muntinlupa City.
  • They accept bulk orders but you have to inquire first because they sometimes have limited stocks\
  • They do only pick-up/meet-up. No shipping because they care about the quality and want to prevent the plants getting damaged.
  • No minimum order for pick-up

The Green House Project


  • They have partner stores located in different malls, such as Alabang Town Center.
  • Their actual store/house is in Quezon City but they also ship.
  • It may take time before they reply to messages, but they still kindly accommodate inquiries.

Kathleen Domingo-Gaylican or Urban Greens


  • Highly recommended.
  • Fast transaction.
  • Wide range of selection.
  • Pick-up or delivery.
  • Free tips. More than customer care, it is because she loves her plants so much that she wouldn’t let go if she has a choice. But she really wants to promote the care of succulents.

This link also helped me get in touch with the other sellers in different locations in Metro Manila > Where to Buy Succulents in the Philippines: 18 Shops You Should Know

One of the stores mentioned in the link is my go to place in Quezon City Memorial Circle – The Succulent Haven – is, Cactus by Fur Elisse. Again, very accommodating and has wide range of succulents and cacti. If your lucky, you can even get rare ones.

There you go. I hope this saves you time in looking for a place to go buy your succulents and cacti.

If you know other place where others can go to that you’ve had good experience with, go ahead and write it down in the comment section below.

Goodnight for now!

My First Succulent – The Black Prince


This is my first succulent, at least technically. I’ve had succulents as souvenirs for our wedding in 2014, unfortunately didn’t know how to take care of them that time. All I know is that they are pretty and really stress-relieving to look at.

I bought him from a store in SM Pampanga for my 31st birthday in 2016.

What took me so long to buy?

I killed the souvenir I kept for myself during the wedding. It was a beautiful Imbricata. I kept it indoors and watered it once a week, which is how it is supposed to be done.

Why did it die then?

This is why it took me a while to decide to take care of another again. I had to learn. I had to research and study. Did everything to gain knowledge in order prevent that traumatizing event of my life. It was so pretty, that when it died, it took a while for me to recover. Believe it or not, I had a lot of blank stares, while thinking what I did wrong.

After a thorough study (see Starting a Succulent Collection or Obsession), that’s when I decided to buy and finally found my Prince Charming.


Aside from of course, fast draining soil mix and drainage hole, Black Prince is very forgiving.. at least mine is.

It’s dark color is due to sun-stress which makes it more attractive. It’s growth, according to what I’ve read, is slow though when it’s stressed.

I water it no more than twice a week, with 3 days minimum interval. I noticed that’s when the soil is totally dry.

Due to earlier etiolation, it’s gotten a bit lengthy. So I decided to propagate some of its leaves. I thought I would have to cut it after that, but had to stop myself when I saw that only a very small rosette will be left for me.

Luckily, it’s  leaves are kind enough to show roots for me in just a week. It’s been more than two months now and below is how they look like today.

They’re still attached to their mother leaf so I’m expecting for those cute tiny rosettes to grow for another 2 months (how I wish it could be shorter than that), so that I can already transplant them.

This process sometimes gets me bored and anxious of seeing them flourish into bigger plants already. But looking at them everyday seeing them grow slowly is just as equally entertaining, I could just sit there and look at them for hours.

I will let you guys go for now so you can come back on my next update or read my other blogs if you haven’t done so yet.

Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in my blog, so that we can work that out next time.

Thank you so much and goodnight from my side of the world.

New site, more lessons💡

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With this transfer, we are looking forward to more frequent blogs (because I can use the site via app), better view, more options and visibility to other networks – Facebook, Pinterest, G+, etc.

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Quick Guide to Succulent Care (Tag-lish version)

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