My First Succulent – The Black Prince


This is my first succulent, at least technically. I’ve had succulents as souvenirs for our wedding in 2014, unfortunately didn’t know how to take care of them that time. All I know is that they are pretty and really stress-relieving to look at.

I bought him from a store in SM Pampanga for my 31st birthday in 2016.

What took me so long to buy?

I killed the souvenir I kept for myself during the wedding. It was a beautiful Imbricata. I kept it indoors and watered it once a week, which is how it is supposed to be done.

Why did it die then?

This is why it took me a while to decide to take care of another again. I had to learn. I had to research and study. Did everything to gain knowledge in order prevent that traumatizing event of my life. It was so pretty, that when it died, it took a while for me to recover. Believe it or not, I had a lot of blank stares, while thinking what I did wrong.

After a thorough study (see Starting a Succulent Collection or Obsession), that’s when I decided to buy and finally found my Prince Charming.


Aside from of course, fast draining soil mix and drainage hole, Black Prince is very forgiving.. at least mine is.

It’s dark color is due to sun-stress which makes it more attractive. It’s growth, according to what I’ve read, is slow though when it’s stressed.

I water it no more than twice a week, with 3 days minimum interval. I noticed that’s when the soil is totally dry.

Due to earlier etiolation, it’s gotten a bit lengthy. So I decided to propagate some of its leaves. I thought I would have to cut it after that, but had to stop myself when I saw that only a very small rosette will be left for me.

Luckily, it’s  leaves are kind enough to show roots for me in just a week. It’s been more than two months now and below is how they look like today.

They’re still attached to their mother leaf so I’m expecting for those cute tiny rosettes to grow for another 2 months (how I wish it could be shorter than that), so that I can already transplant them.

This process sometimes gets me bored and anxious of seeing them flourish into bigger plants already. But looking at them everyday seeing them grow slowly is just as equally entertaining, I could just sit there and look at them for hours.

I will let you guys go for now so you can come back on my next update or read my other blogs if you haven’t done so yet.

Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in my blog, so that we can work that out next time.

Thank you so much and goodnight from my side of the world.


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