Very unfortunately…

Been contemplating on writing this blog. I have gone from frustrated to almost depressed I couldn’t write an update on the process of my succies,,, because it is rather a regress.

But, I don’t want to remain pessimistic on this and I feel that I owe my blog some attention, or better yet, update those who are to be updated.


Breathe in… breath out… here goes…

The summer had not been very kind to my plants. Although I do not want to blame it all to it; I am very sure I have my share of it.

First, my Jade Plant. Well, it has completely deteriorated into a mere piece of twig. Its leaves started showing signs of burn one by one, till almost completely. So, I thought I needed to put it somewhere shady, but it continued that way. I thought I needed to give it more water, even worse, one by one the leaves fell.

Here’s for your last look. (threw the bunch after it’s gotten completely brown)


Another bad news is my Bear’s Paw (nooooo wayyyy!!!)

At first, it was showing signs of wrinkling. I thought, oh it’s thirsty! So I gave it a drink.

The next day, it was starting to shrink. Is water not enough? Maybe too much sun, that is. I kept it in the shade, then.

But why are the leaves falling???? I uprooted it, checked it’s roots and saw that it was dying! The soil was still moist! Oh no, I think I overwatered it! So before I replanted it in a terracota pot (which supposedly is more breathable and draining), I let it dry and heal completely for a day.

I thought I could still save it… but sadly, see before and after:

I felt so bad and cannot recover, so my husband bought another for me! Yay!

This is how it looked like when we bought it (it’s not as cute, but nevermind, as long as it gets better than worst!). I’m leaving it there, not touching it! No repotting in a cute pot this time! Just live!


There’s more! Yes, sorry to say, but there is more…

Remember these?

Now, they are these…


I’ve had these plants for quite sometime, and they have been doing great! But this is the first summer I had with them, so, this is a new experience and a new chance to learn.

And as I said, I don’t wanna be pessimistic! At least there have been progress as well. Here are my plants that thrive and grow..

There’s still hope for me, right guys!

So please continue to pray with me, and send me your advice!

Till next time!

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein


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