Pugot-ulo – Echeveria Agavoides

A few days ago, I cut the head of my Echeveria Agavoides because I feel that its pups are being constricted of their growth and that they are not getting enough sun. 

They are also growing roots for their own as if they already want to live away from the parent. But since in reality, they are still babies, and the mother most probably can sustain herself better, she’s the one I had to take away.

I put her in a container than she can hang into for some time. If she’s thirsty, she can grow roots in there and have access to moist because I put  few soil and small pumice stones and watered it, at a level that will not touch the freshly cut part. She will have to rely on vapors.

This container used to hold dehumidifier grains which I repurposed into a re-rooting pot. It kind of mimics an aquaponic but not exactly.

This morning, when I inspected the mother, she already grew few air roots. And since this coming week is gonna be a busy week for me, and that spending more time with them eases away the thought of stress, I repotted her!

Pardon the dirt
I also put the babies under the morning sun already, because know they have been longing for that for quite sometime now.

You can journey with me while waiting for them to grow bigger and more beautiful.

See you on my next update! 💞


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