About AWE Garden

How it started?

It’s started with attraction. My fascination to succulents led me to the interest of getting  to the hobby of caring for them and the likes.

Having been stressed over my job, I wanted to do things that would take my attention away from work aside from painting, doing my make-up, taking care of pets. Other than that, my skin’s immune system needed more of the benefits from the sun, therefore planting is one of the best option aside from going to the beach.

While starting up with my collection, we came across some air plants (Tillandsia) that caught my husband’s attention, so we bought it. He also likes taking care of the orchid that my friends gave me as a gift for my birthday.

My brother-in-law, John, who is in-charge of our aquariums agreed with me when I showed him some aqua plants that I saw in Facebook. We were given some kinds to start of with.

His girlfriend, Mia, bought a cactuswhich she tried to take care while in the office (we are colleagues). Unfortunately, this cactus is connected to her life at work. When it died, she also resigned. So I am growing for her a new cactus, hopefully once it’s ready, she’ll make it grow healthy just as well as she does with her new career.

Finally, my Dad, who is the original lover of planting has been growing his mini-Farmville, as I fondly call it, in Pampanga. He’s had success in harvesting peanuts, bananas, and mostly edible plants

Since we’ve got a good mix of Air, Water, and Earth plants, therefore the name!