While burn is an exclamation upon hearing a particularly witty or impressive insult, for succulent lovers, it is one of the worrisome words to hear, the most being ROT!

I have been monitoring my succulents almost everyday, in fact, one of the closely watched is my Jade Plant. (see Jade Plant -is it ok?Our family is growing!)

This morning, my heart broke to see it… BURN!!!


I feel so sorry for her! I kept caressing the sun-burnt leaves thinking it might feel better. I thought of removing them but I just felt like it’s gonna hurt her even more. I know that there is nothing much I can do because the damage is permanent. I just had to remove it from direct sunlight immediately.

It’s only been exposed to morning sun, but I think it becomes more sensitive during this time that it’s growing. I really don’t know.

My other plants also have signs of sun-burn but they are not as bad as the above:


Have you experienced this with your plants? Do they really become more sensitive when they’re producing more leaves? or is it really just hot this summer?

If you my friends have any input, please let me know in the comment section.


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